Solution for lacking motivationMy post last Sunday was You may need to release weight, but do you have the motivation? So, let’s focus now on the solution for lacking motivation. The question I ask every weight loss hypnosis client is, “What is it about being at your goal weight that makes eating fewer cookies (drinking less wine, being more active, eating more nutrient dense foods, ….) worth while?” “Why would you do this?” “Why do you really want to be at your goal weight?”

Your initial response may be something about health, but health is not a motivator. The real question I am asking you, is how will you be different when you have good health? Welcome to the rest of your life is this weeks reading from my book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Welcome to the rest of your life

To do so, consider the following questions.

  • What is it about living the rest of your life at your ideal weight that makes drinking less wine worth your effort?
  • What is it about living the rest of your life at your ideal weight that makes exercising, shopping, buying and preparing healthy meals and snacks worthwhile?
  • What activities would you like to enjoy when you are 75 or 80?
  • What activities could you enjoy now if you were at your ideal weight?
  • How would your social life change if you were at your goal weight?
  • Would you make different career moves at a lower weight?
  • Do you think you’d be perceived as more valuable as a thin person? Would you earn more money?
  • Would you be more fearless, more adventurous at your target weight?

Yes, there is a price to be paid to get to your ideal weight. You must burn more calories than you take in. And to maintain your ideal weight, you must burn all the calories you take in. There is no other way. That basic formula of weight loss in unchanging—though with the advantage of self-hypnosis techniques, you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding than you’ve ever had before. But without the motivation to live your life at your ideal weight, the pain may be far too great, you may not believe you can be successful, you might quit the first time you cheat, you may cling to your reasons for being overweight, and you could create even more stress in your life and eventually fail to achieve your ideal weight.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
pages 88 – 89

Do you have the motivation and do you believe that you can be successful at living your life, slender for life? There is a solution for lacking motivation. I can help you learn hypnosis for weight loss tools that support your lifelong success.

I’m happy to offer you a free weight loss consultation in my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge hypnosis offices or online from the comfort of  your home or office.

Read You may need to release weight, but do you have the motivation?

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