Seattle weight loss is happy to share Solutions for stress eating as this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life. Next Sunday, I will post What are you stressing about? where you will have the opportunity to list the stressors in your life and I will offer 3 solutions for stress control. If you use food as a method for reducing tension and stress, you will continue to struggle with weight control. Stress eating in one of the primary reasons that you have dieted unsuccessfully so many times in the past. Hypnosis for weight loss at Slender For Life™ provides you the tools to manage stress in your life without eating it.

Solutions for stress eating:

Learning and using stress-reduction techniques are essential survival skills for daily living. Actually, the notion of stress reduction is a misnomer. No matter what techniques we use, the stress will continue. Employers, employees and clients have temper tantrums. We will be caught in traffic. The plane flight will be delayed. The toilet will overflow. Life does not go according to our plans and schedules. It never has and it never will. Even today in our modern world, we are still being chased by saber-toothed tigers of a different stripe. All we can do is take charge of our reaction to the events we experience each day. One former client effectively keeps a small sign on her phone and her monitor reading: Response is my choice. She says it keeps her from knee-jerk negative reactions to unexpected events. “I focus on that sign many times a day, and it has saved me from many hasty, unwise actions,” Joyce reports.

Stress and emotional eating are bad habits, not character flaws. I am surprised at how many people are unaware they eat in reaction to stress.

From Becoming Slender For Life, second edition,
page 117

Stress eating is very common for people who struggle with weight loss. That cookie, piece of chocolate or container of Ben & Jerry’s can briefly numb out the stress and emotional upheaval that comes with it. Unfortunately the relief is short-lived and the diseases resulting from the fat, salt and sugar and all the fat calories that accompany them are long-lasting.

How you respond to stress is your choice. You can be caught in traffic, stress out and be late to a meeting and arrive stressed. Or you can be caught in traffic, remain calm and be late to a meeting and arrive calm, focused and ready. Either way you are arriving late. You can choose to be late and stressed or late and relaxed. It is your choice. At Seattle weight loss I teach you how to mange your stress.

Learn hypnosis for weight loss and take control of how you respond to the stressors in your life.

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I’m in control of how I respond to the stressors in my life.

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