Does Eating Fish Protect Against Heart Attacks?The claim that you need fish oil for Omega-3 is again being shown as fishy and as false. The 1970’s study that led to fish oil supplements should have stated that a diet rich in oily fish is dangerous to health. Publications still referring to Bang and Dyerberg’s nutritional studies as proof that Eskimos have low prevalence of coronary artery disease represent either misinterpretation of the original findings or an example of confirmation bias. Dr. John McDougall and others have been teaching us for years that “the fat you eat is the fat you wear.” If you are ready to improve your health with a plant based diet, Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss is here for you.

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Investigators Find Something Fishy
with the Classical Evidence for
Dietary Fish Recommendations

Canadian Journal of Cardiology, May 1, 2014: Oily fish are currently recommended as part of a heart healthy diet. This guideline is partially based on the landmark 1970s study from Bang and Dyerberg that connected the low incidence of coronary artery disease (CAD) among the Eskimos of Greenland to their diet, rich in whale and seal blubber. Now, researchers have found that Eskimos actually suffered from CAD at the same rate as their Caucasian counterparts, meaning there is insufficient evidence to back Bang and Dyerberg’s claims. Their findings are published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

The data collected through this new investigation shows that Eskimos do have a similar prevalence of CAD to non-Eskimo populations, and in fact, they have very high rates of mortality due to cerebrovascular events (strokes). Overall, their life expectancy is approximately 10 years less than the typical Danish population and their overall mortality is twice as high as that of non-Eskimo populations.

“Considering the dismal health status of Eskimos, it is remarkable that instead of labeling their diet as dangerous to health, a hypothesis has been construed that dietary intake of marine fats prevents CAD and reduces atherosclerotic burden,” remarks Dr. Fodor.

Many recent large and well-designed studies have shown ambiguous or negative results regarding the cardioprotective properties of omega-3 fatty acids and fish oil supplements, and yet partly based on the work of Bang and Dyerberg, they are still widely recommended as part of a heart healthy diet plan.

Read Investigators Find Something Fishy with the Classical Evidence for Dietary Fish Recommendations

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