Spice up those veggies 1In my Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis offices people often ask how to spice up the veggies. These clients are using hypnosis for weight loss to change their eating habits, they are losing weight and they are eating the starches that support their health and weight loss. But, they want to have a greater variety of flavors in the meals that they prepare. Adding spices to your vegetables can enhance the natural flavors and bring out new flavors.

The following are a few resources to help you spice up your veggies:

Spice up those veggies 2

Seasoning Links

Spice Advice

Spices Inc

How To Make Vegetables Taste Better With Herbs And Spices

Salt Free Spices at Penzeys

I love ethnic foods and I especially love curry. For me, its the hotter the better! Not so for my wife. Often we will cook our vegetables with mild spices and then when the food is on my plate I’m looking in the cupboard for something with some heat. I have found that I can Google a vegetable (spice for green beans) and get a host of resources.

There is a world of starches, vegetables and fruit out there and the healthy seasoning and preparation options are limitless. If you think that eating whole grains, vegetables and fruit is boring, then that is a choice you are making. Hypnosis for Weight loss clients know that Vegan food can be healthy, support your weight loss and taste amazing. Food should be healthy, filled with flavor and should light up your senses.

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Originally posted August 13, 2013.