For better sports performance have you considered raisins vs. jelly beans or sports gels? When coaching athletes and weekend warriors for sports performance at Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis I always suggest raisins for performance fuel. Not only do raisins provide superior nutrition value, raisins deliver the same performance results for a fraction of the price. Eating raisins prior to your workout provides all the energy you need. Plus raisins provide what gels don’t: the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants needed to support your game and minimize recovery time. I eat a few raisins before a bike ride, spin class, weight lifting or yoga. On long bike rides and when I am backpacking, I carry raisins with me.

Raisins vs. Jelly Beans for
Athletic Performance

…athletes at all levels may be left with the impression that ‘‘specially designed’’ supplements are essential for optimal performance. Yet, these products are often expensive and cheaper, natural foods that may provide a healthier alternative are often overlooked. There are low-cost, natural food products rich in carbs, such as sun-dried raisins that have the potential to improve performance to a similar degree. Raisins are nutritious, convenient, typically palatable, and are a cost-effective source of concentrated carbohydrates. But do they work as well? They work exactly as well. Same time, same power output. Same thing comparing raisins to a commercial sports gels–same respiratory exchange, carb and fat oxidation, and energy expenditure. In fact the only significant difference was that in “hedonic scores” pleasantness scoring of raisins beat out the jelly beans. Versus jelly beans with flavors like extreme watermelon there was a greater preference for just raisin flavored raisins.

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So stop buying those expensive sports drinks, nutrition bars and jelly beans and get back to basics. Raisins are real food that is affordable, tastes good and easy to transport and eat. No mixing and no fuss. I put raisins in a baggie in my jersey pocket and get on my bike and go. If I run out there is always a mini-mart at a gas station where I can buy more and naturally fuel my body.

Are you training for a century ride, a marathon, want to improve your golf game or need the motivation to get off the couch and walk around the block? If you are, sports performance hypnosis can help you with focus, strength, endurance and motivation.

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