Hypnosis For Cycling

Steve Rhoades

Sports Hypnosis

Whether you are a weekend warrior, or professional athlete, hypnosis can make the difference for you. The power of positive self-talk in known to athletes world-wide. Use sports hypnosis to:

  • Improve your strength and endurance
  • Imagine the perfect golf or tennis swing
  • Imaging crossing the finish line in record time for you
  • Imagine more power in your swim stroke
  • Imagine being calm under pressure

Since 1997 I have been coaching professional and amateur athletes along with weekend warriors on how to improve their game.

Over the past 5 years I have had the privileged of teaching sports hypnosis skills to the Bainbridge Boys Lacrosse. It truly is a delight to hear the success stories when sports hypnosis tools are out to the test!

No matter what your game is, hypnosis help is here for you.


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Steve Rhoades, Professional Coach,
Category Pro 1, 2 Racer. Hi. I’m Steve Rhoades. When I began road racing with people half my age. I lacked confidence and my mind held me back. I kept hitting the wall. I went to Roger Moore for hypnosis. I wanted to learn to win. When I walked out the door after our first session my behavior was changed. Now, when my mind says “quit,” I have the tools to break through the wall and keep on going.
My goal? Winning a Pro 1,2!
Be a winner! Call now.


Sports Hypnosis

The use of hypnosis in sports has been around for hundreds of years. In the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, the Russian Olympic team took no less than 11 hypnotists to develop mental clarity and help the athletes with visualization.

Are you training for a marathon or a century ride? Are you wanting to sculpt the muscles in your body? Are you a gymnast or dancer? Do you simply want to make the most of your workout at the gym? Then get the winning edge that hypnosis can give to you!


 Maureen poseI was training for Body Building Competitions, which involves focused training and adhering to a strict diet. My goals were not easy. I knew what I was getting myself into, but I wanted to get there in a healthier, more positive way.I went to Roger Moore for help. I wanted to believe that I could achieve my goals of staying on my strict diet, training for the competition and competing at regional and national events.

Right away, Roger taught me special techniques that allowed me to be focused, calm and visualize success. Not only was the journey more fun, the show and post show were also more successful. I overcame my fears. I remained focused on my goals and did not go into the fear of the outcome. I was confident in my success.

After the show, I was much calmer around food then in the past. It was a relief to find something that worked. I’m thrilled with my accomplishments!

Thanks Roger for helping me realize one of my life-long dreams and for your honest, caring and dedicated manner.

Personal Trainer



Roger Moore crossing finish line NY Marathon

STP Finish line 400

Roger Moore crossing finish line one day STP (204 miles)

I’m not a professional athlete by any stretch of the imagination. But, thanks to hypnosis, I’ve completed 5 marathons and I’ve ridden dozens of century (100 mile) bike rides. I’ve even ridden the STP (Seattle to Portland) bike ride – all 204 miles – in one day!
~Roger Moore

How far do you want to go?!


Hypnosis Works! What the mind can conceive, the body achieves.

Learn the secrets of your mind.

Achieve mental balance.

Weekend warrior or a pro, call now for your free consultation. Sports & stage performance.


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