Hypnosis skill trainings

You can start 2019 out right by enrolling in these 2 hypnosis skill trainings offered by HPTI.

I am honored to present at both and I’m looking forward to learning from my esteemed colleagues.

Financial Freedom Virtual HypnoSummit

Hypnosis Business Development Training
This class will pay for itself!

January 12, 2019 Online and Worldwide. Leading experts who have built thriving hypnosis practices share the exact methods they used – so that you can duplicate their success!

A Virtual Hypnosis Convention – January 12, 2019. Starting at 10:00am (Pacific Time). Ongoing 24/7 access for those who can’t attend real-time.

This is a real-time event. You can join in via chat-box and ask your instructors questions. But don’t worry, even if you can’t make the entire event – all of it is pre-recorded and will be available 24/7 for the next year on your own schedule. And EVERYTHING can be downloaded so you own the resources forever.

You spent a lot of time learning how to be a great hypnotist. Now learn how to build a business from real-life experts who have been doing it themselves.

Early registration Bonus: You will be able to immediately download and access the course: Dr. Richard K. Nongard’s Quick Start Guide to Private Practice! It’s a 4 part series that will give you actions you can take TODAY to start seeing more clients! (Only for the first 100 registrants. So register now!) A $27 value.

Hypnosis Convention for those Passionate about Helping Other People

3 days of Hypnosis training in sunny Las Vegas!

Day 1: Scale Up Your Practice: Foolproof Systems to Attract Premium Hypnosis Clients
with Jason Linett and Dr. Richard Nongard

Monday, February 25  |  9:00am-5:00pm

In this all- day learning event, you will reach new levels of success and learn to fill every hour in your schedule using the proven techniques that we have used to create thriving practices. We will show you how to launch premium services to increase your retention and revenue while providing valued services. You will learn exactly what we have done to build thriving practices and attract new clients, from the ground up.

Days 2 & 3: Two full days packed with approved continuing education that will change your client outcomes

25 Expert Level Speakers Sharing the Exact Tools They Use to Create Therapeutic Success. We have hand-picked the highest rated speakers, with the most practical ideas and innovative approaches. We want you to leave this conference not only having had a great time, but also maximizing your potential as a passionate hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis skill trainings

Learn at HPTI ~ 2 Hypnosis skill trainings

Scale up your hypnosis practice

This Virtual Business Conference will give you actionable strategies!

  • How to create a business plan for a new practice, or revise your plan to create more success in an existing practice
  • How to define your niche and build on your strengths
  • How to move to a referral-based practice and actually get physician referrals
  • How to attract higher paying clients and scale-up your practice
  • How to eloquently do sales and sales closing
  • Know how much to charge for your services
  • Understand the pieces of web marketing, social media and event marketing.

Scale up your hypnosis practice

Do you want to scale up your hypnosis practice? Are you passionate about helping other people with professional hypnosis? No matter what level you are, the 2019 Winter HypnoConference is going to be the best place to up your game and build a thriving practice.

Do you want in at the early-bird rates? Do you want three days of non-stop learning with people who are actually doing the real work of helping others with professional hypnosis?  Then join me! Here are the details.

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