My hat’s off to the Georgia Children’s Health Alliance for their efforts to stop childhood obesity. As a nation we must take action now to end the preventable epidemic of childhood obesity. I have had many times that it is a travesty that we have allowed the generation of  children today to have a shorter life expectancy than mine. I grew up a fat chubby kid who was embarrassed by my body and I cannot agree with Peggy Howell of the National Association To Advance Fat Acceptance that the billboards and TV commercials are harmful to kids. What is harmful is accepting that it is OK to be fat. As a nation, we cannot afford the health care costs of the diseases caused by obesity. Lets not pretend that it’s “OK” to be fat and sick. Instead, lets each of us be responsible for healthcare reform by being responsible and caring for our own health. Children are naturals at hypnosis for weight loss – but it will take more than that. It will take families working together to change the food in the house, the meals and snacks and exercise habits of the family. For children, weight loss has to be a family affair.

The Link Between Body and Brain

By Penelope McPhee

8:03 p.m. Monday, September 20, 2010

Wouldn’t it be great if there were a magic pill — available to everyone, with no co-pays and no deductibles — that prevents obesity and reduces its associated risks of diabetes, heart disease and depression?

In fact there is such a remedy. The magical medicine is physical activity.

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Stop accepting and being OK with fat. Yes, it is important to love and accept yourself and your body. But loving yourself and loving your body means that you don’t abuse it. It means that you eat healthy plant-based meals and that you exercise. Fat acceptance is abuse and disease acceptance. Stop abusing your body and your children with unhealthy food and inactivity. Teach your children hypnosis for weight loss and make ending childhood obesity a family affair. It is time as a nation that we accept health – not fat.

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