I used to get high on food. Then, food was my drug of choice. I used food for comfort and to numb out – to not feel. And I used to love the sugar rush. Sometimes I had 3 huge cinnamon rolls at a time. And that really thick hot fudge marshmallow malt with a greasy burger and fries gave me an incredible high …. before I went into a stupor. Then, hypnosis entered my life and I ended my addiction to food and lost 110 pounds and have kept it off for over 16 years. Weight loss hypnosis really does work. I have had the honor of coaching hundreds of Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss clients in their journey to lose weight. Are you ready?

Is This Your Addiction?

Control Your Survival Instinct

We exist on the planet because of fat and sugar, those valued treasures in the evolutionary struggle. Fat was survival fuel for cavemen, says Nicole M. Avena, Ph.D., a food addiction researcher and assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of Florida. The macro-nutrient contains more calories per gram (9, in fact) than either protein or carbs. And back in the day, sugar carbohydrates helped keep us alert to potential dangers. Today we and our deskbound brethren burn far fewer calories, yet we maintain that Cro-Magnon connection to the pleasures that high-fat, high-sugar foods bring to our brains, says Avena. So the food we’re wired to desire isn’t always the food we need.

Stop Getting High

On food, that is. In a study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, researchers found that the brains of food-addicted people who consumed a high-calorie milkshake responded the same way the brains of drug addicts respond to a dose of cocaine. “Food addicts have the same reward signals and signs of dopamine dysfunction as drug addicts have,” says Frascella. And like drug addicts, food addicts may relapse when they try to curb their tendencies.

Unlike drugs, food keeps us alive. Untangling that association can be difficult. Certain foods may also have the same mood-boosting properties as drugs have. In a 2011 study in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, participants who ingested a saturated-fat solution felt happier after listening to sad music than those who ingested a saline solution. It turns out that comfort food might actually comfort us—and that makes it even more challenging to resist.

Read Is This Your Addiction?

Weight loss hypnosis can help you end your war on food addiction. If you’re ready to live Slender For Life™ contact me and lets develop a plan for you to get high on a healthy life.

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