Heart disease can be prevented by lowering cholesterol and there are two ways to accomplish that: drugs (which the pharmaceutical companies would love but comes with some pretty mean side-effects) or by eating vegan. I recently had someone laugh when we were talking about this and he said he’d rather die than give up his meat. Really? This guy has 4 beautiful children and he’d rather eat is burger than play with his grand kids? A few days later I received a phone call from him. He really thought about our conversation and he set up an appointment to find out how he can learn hypnosis and make some lifestyle changes. He said he wanted to take his health seriously. Weight loss isn’t his issue, but he understands that there are some behavior changes he could make with self-hypnosis.

The Cause Of Our Number One Killer by Michael Greger, MD, from VegSource.com:

The number one cause of death in the United States every single year for both men and women since 1918 continues to be hear disease. If cholesterol is the cause of atherosclerosis, how low does our cholesterol have to be for us to become heart-attack proof? Ideally, our bad cholesterol–“LDL”–should be under 70. Quoting the review: “If such a goal was created, the great scourge of the Western world would be essentially eliminated.” There are only two ways, he says, to get it down that low: (1) put a hundred million people on a lifetime of high dose statin drugs starting in their twenties, or (2) be what he calls a “pure vegetarian fruit eater,” which is the term he uses for those eating whole food vegan diets.

The cause of our number one killer is elevated cholesterol. According to Dr. Roberts, probably the most renowned cardiovascular pathologist in the world, that means the cause of our number one killer is: not eating vegan.

The best way to prevent heart disease is to be a…non-flesh eater, a non-saturated fat eater.

Read The Cause Of Our Number One Killer.

Are you ready to make some lifestyle choices for your health? If you are, you can easily learn hypnosis to help you make those positive changes in your life easier and long-lasting.

So, whether you are interested in weight loss or just want to improve your health, put self-hypnosis to work for you.

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