OK smokers, did you know that stopping smoking may actually ease stress levels? Seems like one of the classic reasons that I hear from people as to why they returned to smoking was because of some stressful event in life. But according to research, dependency on cigarettes is itself a chronic source of stress. For years now my Break Free Stop Smoking program has offered Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis clients tools for reducing stress as well as a hypnosis stop smoking program that works. Break Free is now available where ever you may live via telephone and internet support.

Quitting Smoking May Ease Stress Levels

On June 16, 2010, Reuters Health posted that Smokers often say they need a cigarette to calm their nerves, but a new study reported in the journal Addiction suggests that after a person kicks the habit, chronic stress levels may go down.

The findings should give smokers reassurance that quitting will not deprive them of a valuable stress reliever.

Smokers often see cigarettes as a tool to manage stress, and ex-smokers sometimes return to smoking in the belief that this will help them cope with a stressful life event, yet studies have shown that non-smokers tend to report lower stress levels than smokers do. Smoking itself may generate long-term stress, even if people feel it offers them temporary relief from trying situations.

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If you are ready to stop smoking then Break Free can help you make that happen and teach you stress management techniques. With hypnosis stop smoking you can free yourself from cigarettes and be calm and relaxed. Don’t wait any longer. Stop smoking now!

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