You can stop smoking with hypnosis just like Matt Damon, Drew Barrymore, Billy Joel, Britney Spears and other Hollywood movie stars. My Break Free Stop Smoking program has helped hundreds of people quit smoking. Hypnosis smoking cessation really does work. Are you ready to quit smoking? If you are sick of being a slave to cigarettes, then it’s time for you to use quit smoking hypnosis. Visit my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices and find learn how to quit smoking.

Studies show that for people who try to quit smoking alone without any additional help or support (hypnosis or otherwise), the success rate is very low. Only 2-5% of those who try are successful after 12 months, with most failing in the first 2-3 weeks. On the other hand, those who engage in a behavior modification program, nicotine replacement, or a Zyban medication approach alone, average about a 25% success, rate and up to a 50% success rate when used in some combination with each other after a 12-month period.

While medical professionals are impressed with the results of single-session hypnosis, multiple-session hypnotherapy has been shown to be the most effective strategy for stopping smoking. Success rates for people using multiple-session hypnosis to quit are as much as 10 times the success rates of those who try to quit without any tools or resources. An examination of multiple research studies show that a single session hypnosis treatment to stop smoking produced about a 25% success rate, whereas about 66% of those engaging in at least 4-5 sessions of hypnosis quit smoking after a 6-12 month period.

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Are you ready to quit smoking? If the answer is yes, tell me why. That may seem like a silly question, but it is an important one. Quitting for someone else or for your health are not reasons to quit smoking. You have to do it for you. I’ve written in previous posts about health not being a motivator.The real motivator is what are you going to be doing with good health? I’d love for you to comment on this post why you want to quit smoking. Kick that nasty habit now with smoking cessation hypnosis.

If you live too far away from my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices we can create a telephone and Skype smoking hypnotherapy program just for you.

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