Richard Nongard and Roger Moore will be teaching Stopping Fears and Phobias with Hypnosis and NLP Techniques at The 2nd Annual Seattle Hypnosis Conference, November 2, 2012. You can participate in this one day course by 1) attending at the Seattle Holiday Inn Conference Center, 2) Join us LIVE Online from your home or office or 3) Watch 24/7 in our Video-On-Demand Center at YOUR Convenience. This course is proudly offered through the Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Stopping Fears and Phobias with
Hypnosis and NLP Techniques

Master the techniques of ending fears and phobias. Any hypnotist who wants to build a successful private practice will need to become an expert in these techniques. Hypnotists who learn the techniques of NLP and hypnosis that are most effective with fears and phobias can work with corporate clients who need to conquer a fear of flying. They can build medical referrals based on treating the many patients afraid of dental procedures, CT scans and other medical procedures. Hypnotists who help people develop confidence in public speaking, stop specific phobias like a fear or heights or snakes can develop incredible referral networks.

In this workshop you will learn:

1. The most effective NLP technique for ending phobias fast, and how to keep them from reemerging.

2. How to help people with anxiety and panic control these feelings in the face of crisis.

3. You will get printed scripts and resources that will help you structure complete sessions from start to finish.

4. You will learn the core components of contextual psychology and how they can be integrated into effective hypnosis.

5. You will learn how a phobic response develops, how it can be interrupted and how clients who have been paralyzed by fear can develop incredible confidence in any situation.


Sorry, this course is no longer available.

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