Confident, Empowered & Joyful 400Ability Suit is another new hypnosis MP3 download available in the Hypnosis Health Info Store. With this hypnosis for success MP3 you have the opportunity to choose your ability suit and then practice and rehearse your new abilities. Carefully choose the ability suit most appropriate for your needs at this time. Put it on and see yourself wearing it in front of a three-way mirror. What is the ability you have chosen to rehearse?

Go to the workshop of your mind and create an ability room with an ability suit closet. In this closet, find a professional suit for anything you choose to do. There are relationship suits, health and wellness suites, healing suits, healthy eating suits, career suits, interview suits, academic suits, exercise suits, sports suits, acting suits, musical suits, dancing suits and other stage performance suits, a suit for each and every ability you choose.

Take out any suits of self-doubt, fear, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions. Check to see if there are any learnings from these suits. If there are, preserve the learnings and then call in any and all helpers, guides and teachers to assist you in remaking these suits into excitement, success and courage.

Ability Suit

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Length: 16:43 – Never use while driving