by Stephen C. Parkhill

Is there a cure for cancer? The medical profession has been looking for one for decades, concentrating mainly on how the body produces these deadly cells. Only recently. a handful of doctors in the vanguard have studied the power of the mind in healing. Though they have met with some success, they have yet to ask the nest logical question: Is it possible that cancer is actually produced by the mind? And if so. can the mind be used not just to heal cancer, but to prevent it in the first place?

Stephen Parkhill. a noted hypnotherapist. answers these questions and others. He presents a Mind Model that only demonstrates how cancer and other chronic illnesses can be healed, but shows where they originate and how they can be prevented. He explains why the human subconscious is THE MOST POWERFUL AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN and how it can he used to truly heal individuals who are suffering. You will get a clear and simple understanding of the missing link in the mind/body connection that many have yet to identify. Steve also tells how our subconscious mind can he utilized to change the very nature of the cancerous society we live in and to remove many of the pitfalls we face in our lives, our relationships, our jobs our health and our destiny.

Filled with fascinating case studies from Steve’s professional history, this hook gives positive proof that the cure for many debilitating diseases exists within the mind of each and every one of us.

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