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Why I wrote this book

I learned as a young child to adopt limiting beliefs out of shame and fear to avoid physical, mental and emotional pain. I realized as an adult that I was running my life based on the experiences and decisions of a young boy. As a mental health professional, I heard hundreds of clients share their own stories of despair as they, too, were making decisions based on past wounds and traumas.

Of course, my clients were reflecting back to me my own opportunities for healing. It became clear to me that people are unhappy, unfulfilled and often unhealthy because they are living their lives not from the wisdom of the past but from the shame and fear of the past. These past experiences are very real, as are the younger parts of ourselves. Our younger selves found ways to survive that may have worked in the moment, but many years later no longer serve us. I describe this as living life from an old script.

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You shows you how you can use the wisdom of your past to write a new script for your life based on the current moment in your life, so you can create a future greater than your past. With this book you’ll discover that you can live your life joyfully and value each moment of your life as fully as possible.

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is explained step-by-step, and when you are finished with this book, you will have practical resources you can use for the rest of your life.

“Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is truly a guidebook to life. The mind is a powerful resource which we all need to understand and use in a constructive and not self-destructive way. Roger’s book can guide you and coach you to find your inner talents and potential. Read it and you will find your path to a healthier and healed life and body. I know from experience what he says is the way.”

 ~Bernie Siegel, MD author of Love, Medicine & Miracles and No Endings Only Beginnings

About Roger Moore

Roger is the Medical Hypnosis expert known worldwide for work with autoimmune diseases, cancer, dementia/Alzheimer’s, end-of-life, chronic pain, weight loss, trauma, stress and anxiety. He is a professional Medical Hypnotherapist certified by the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ICBCH) and the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA). He has a master’s degree in Marriage Family Therapy with training and experience in criminal justice, chemical dependency counseling, and is an end-of-life doula.

Roger is known as the therapist’s therapist and is the go-to guy for mental health counselors, clergy, and healthcare specialists throughout the world. He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the IMDHA. Throughout his career, he has led many cancer support groups, was a team member at the Peninsula Cancer Center in Poulsbo, WA., and is an active participant in the Parkinson’s Resource Organization’s Wellness Village. Learn more about Roger here.

“Making the change is the hardest part of regaining lost health and appearances. I have spent many decades working with Roger Moore in helping patients make serious changes in their diet. Hypnosis, as taught in Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, has been found to be a powerful tool for changing behaviors, resulting in eating habits that support health and healing.

~John McDougall, MD, Founder of the McDougall Program, Internist and Educator

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What this book is about
Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is a guide to releasing limiting beliefs and emotions that have held you back from achieving your greatest potential in all areas of your life. This book offers a clear path that allows you to quickly and easily to create your future to be greater than your past.

What you could gain from reading this book
If you’re like most people, you live your life based on past experiences. Rather than using the past as a source of wisdom to live fully in the present, you allow your past to be a script to live by. Your old story limits your abundant possibilities to live more wholly in the moment and create a better future. In this book you’ll learn how to write a new story for your life—and become the greatest expression of you.

Are you ready to make lasting changes that feel significant and meaningful?
The methods in this book were developed over 25 years with hundreds of my clients who have physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually improved their lives. If you’re ready to make enduring and meaningful transformations, then this is the book for you. Click here to view on Amazon

Be Your Best Self

Being your Best Self is about ending the emphasis on doing and rediscovering the joy of being your best self in this moment. Being your Best Self is about stopping self-judgments of inadequacy and disparaging emotions that we try to mask with food, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, spending, sexual addiction, pornography and a host of other destructive behaviors.

You can Create A Future Greater than Your Past

Where in your life do old emotions (anger, hurt, fear, sadness) and limiting beliefs and decisions hold you back today? If you’re like most people, you live your life based on past experiences. Rather than using the past as a source of wisdom to live fully in the present, you allow your past to be a script to live by. Your old story limits your abundant possibilities to live more wholly in the moment and create a better future. In this book you’ll learn how to write a new story for your life, so you can create a future greater than your past.

You are no longer bound by your past and

you can now create your future filled with joy and hope.

What others are saying about this book:

Roger Moore has created an amazing tool to help anyone create the life they were meant to experience with this step by step guide. Having the honor of working with over 1000 people at the end of life, it is the “regrets” that cause people the most pain at this last period of time. Life is challenging, but with the tools in this book, we can all be able to access the best journey possible” ~Suzanne B. O’Brien RN, Founder and CEO International Doulagivers Institute

“Roger Moore quickly dives into the shame-based belief so many of us carry throughout our lives, the belief that we are not good enough. The essence of the book empowers the reader with tools to counter that belief allowing you to live in the present and not have your life dominated by a past script.  In Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, he inspires and teaches us to become our best self – to know joy and hope.  Based in his knowledge of neuroscience, he offers a clear path that allows the reader to quickly feel the potential for change. It is an exciting book as you feel his passion, compassion, love and humbleness to lift us all to higher plane in life. It’s a beautiful book that I will immediately give to both friends, family and clients.” ~Claudia Black, addiction specialist, Author of It Will Never Happen to Me, Unspoken Legacy

“In his book Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, Roger Moore offers us tools, both simple and profound, to finally grow beyond old trauma and limiting beliefs and truly manifest our Best Selves. While we all long to be our best, Roger shows us how to actually become our best through practices he has validated in his years of work as a hypnotherapist. Read this book to find joy, free up your innate ability to love unconditionally, and live each moment of your life as fully as possible.” ~Karen Wyatt MD Author of 7 Lessons for Living from the Dying; host of End-of-Life University Podcast

“Read this book to truly reward yourself with a goldmine of healthy living advice. Roger is a genuine expert with loads of real life experience that are put to use brilliantly in this book. People from all walks of life will gain insight on how to use this unique mindful skillset. I will be recommending this gem to my patients as well as family and friends.” ~P. Jeff Smith, DO; board certified Physiatrist; interventional sports, spine and precision pain management physician; Eisenhower Desert Orthopedic Center.

Tired of repeating your past? Roger Moore’s latest book clearly presents how you can create lasting change so that your future can be greater than your past. Using these simple and powerful techniques, thousands of people have improved their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. You too can use the power of your mind and achieve extraordinary results and create your own destiny!” ~Patrick Snow, Publishing Coach and International Best-Selling Author of Creating Your Own Destiny, The Affluent Entrepreneur, and Boy Entrepreneur

“I had the pleasure of working with Roger Moore for several years at Peninsula Cancer Center where he led a support group of patients. As an experienced cancer doctor, I know that a diagnosis of cancer can be a wakeup call that we are in fact mortal and life can be short. It is often a time of self -reflection and re-evaluation of our relationships and goals.  If we are not living an authentic version of ourselves; it is a great time to make changes and live well. Roger Moore has written a very readable and relatable guide to making significant and meaningful changes to one’s life. He illustrates his book with interesting and compelling stories from his practice and an easy-to-understand pathway to becoming the greatest expression of you.” ~Berit L. Madsen, M.D., FACR is a board-certified radiation oncologist

“Over the last decade I have had the opportunity to refer numerous patients to Roger Moore and there is no question that they have benefited immensely from his expertise in the domain of medical hypnotherapy. From the challenging and ubiquitous problems of tobacco cessation, insomnia and weight loss, to the often-overwhelming crises of cancer and terminal diagnoses, Roger has given effective and compassionate tools to my patients again and again. The skills he teaches empower courage, equanimity and perseverance in the face of life’s intractable obstacles. His work is a valuable adjunct to modern medicine, which often flounders in those existential peripheries Roger so wonderfully illuminates. I consider him a vital and trusted partner in the care of my patients.” ~Dr. Mark McCabe, MD, Internal Medicine, Seattle, WA

“In Roger Moore’s Becoming the Greatest Expression of You, he lays out the entire “recipe” for you by using interesting personal accounts, scientific explanation, and an easy-to-follow guide on how to become the best version of yourself. Roger’s life experiences allow him to be your guide to achieving what so many want and so few have, positive self worth and image while feeling not only successful in life but, also, fulfilled.” ~Jason Tate; Functional Medicine Health Coach, Biologist, TEDx Speaker, Founder of Human Health Initiative

Imagine you were able to discover how to create sustainable change in yourself and in your life.

“In an era where self-help offerings exist in abundance, it is wonderful to find a book that not only contains real substance but provides information that is palatable and easy to apply. In the pages that follow, you will gain confidence in being able to use the power of your mind to create desired positive changes. You may even be surprised at how easy Roger Moore makes this for you!” ~Kelley T. Woods

Allow yourself to imagine what marvelous results you will soon achieve from this blessing of a book by Roger Moore.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Kelley T. Woods
Chapter One: Your Best Self
Chapter Two: Hardwired
Chapter Three: You can Fire and Wire New Neuropathways
Chapter Four: What is the Greatest Expression of Your?
Chapter Five: Joyfully Be
Chapter Six: Mental Rehearsal
Chapter Seven: Meditate
Chapter Eight: Remind Yourself Who You Are Becoming
Chapter Nine: Believe and Give Thanks
Chapter Ten: Inventory
Chapter Eleven: Loving Yourself Through the Process
Chapter Twelve: My Best Me
Chapter Thirteen: Hope
Chapter Fourteen: Creating Your Futurue to Be Greater Than Your Past