Supplement your self-hypnosis with these
MP3 downloads recorded by Roger Moore

The Slender For Life™ Audio Reinforcement System offers a different way to think about weight release and management. Sit back and relax as Roger Moore shares with you powerful tools to become the reasonable weight, shape and size you desire.

The set includes all the self-hypnosis exercises in the book plus many more to help you take control of what you eat, how much you eat and ultimately, your weight.

MP3s Becoming Slender For Life*Previously, these MP3s comprised a 10 CD set.

These weight loss hypnosis MP3s contain over 9 1/2 hours of listening, including:

· Hypnotic therapies
· Guided meditations
· Stress reduction tools
· Techniques to change your life

These MP3s are designed to teach you self-hypnosis, help you create the desire and motivation to exercise, make healthier food choices and become skilled at responding to stress. A perfect companion to Roger Moore’s new book, Becoming Slender For Life.

Slender For Life™
Audio Reinforcement System

Hypnosis for weight loss MP3 downloads $139.97.
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Here’s a sampling of some of the track titles:

CD #1: What Have You Put Off? Self-limiting Beliefs. Silencing Negative Chatter. What Are You Missing Out On?
CD#2: Postage Stamp. Go To The Movies. What’s On Your Desktop? Floating Perspective.
CD#3: Learning The Light Switch Technique. Self-hypnosis Deepening.
CD#4: Emotion Trigger Therapy. Bridge of Empowerment Therapy.
CD#5: Becoming Motivated. Inner Child Therapy.
CD#6: Stress Buster Therapy. Weight Control Therapy.
CD#7: Control Room Therapy; Social Situations Therapy.
CD#8: Exercise Is Better. Exercise for Your Body & Mind.
CD#9: You Easily Achieve Your Goals. Making Friends With Your Appetite.
CD#10: Mirror Exercise. Graduation Ceremony Therapy.

Listen to these free samples:

Depending upon your browser and your settings, you can download this show by clicking on this link, or you may need to right click on it. Again, depending on your browser settings, clicking on the link may also bring up an audio player, so you can listen to the sample now. Please be patient, these audios may take a few moments to load, depending on your internet connection.

CD4 Track 3 Emotion Trigger: This track focuses on alternative behaviors to eating your emotions.

CD6 Track 3 Stress Buster: This track is for anyone who has had a stressful day. This track is also available as separate download or as a CD.

CD6 Track 5 Weight Control: This track really kicks into gear getting you to focus on healthy food choices, eating consciously and stopping eating when your body tells you it has enough food.

CD9 Track 7 Making Friends With Your Appetite: The title says it all–eat when you are physically hungry and stop eating when your appetite says “enough, no more!”

CD10 Track 5 Slender For Life: This is the culmination of all the therapies so that you can relax, eat consciously and move your body.

Watch Weight loss hypnosis ~ Becoming Slender For Life Hypnosis Audio CDs

*CDs are no longer available. All recordings are now MP3 downloads.

If you have questions, please email me.