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Modeling our medical hypnosis practices utilizing the “Family Medicine” specialty model


Michael Ellner

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Recorded September 28, 2015

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Michael Ellner:
Modeling our medical hypnosis practices utilizing the “Family Medicine” specialty model

Michael Ellner discusses using the Family Medicine model for assisting clients with a wide range of health challenges like AIDS, cancer, chronic pain, etc., etc and sharing his opinions and experience during the Q&A.

Michael Ellner, CHT, is a certified medical hypnotist in private practice in New York City. He teaches advanced courses in medical hypnosis at schools throughout North America and South Africa and is a featured instructor of Hypnotic Pain Relief, Effective Medical Communication and Stress Management at the annual PAINWeek conference. Ellner has conducted webinars in Patient Interaction and Rapport Building for radiologists, internists, psychiatrists, ophthalmologists, cardiologists, plastic surgeons, and doctors for ExecSense, the world’s leading webinar publisher for medical and top business professionals. He is the lead author of a peer reviewed paper: Hypnosis in Disability Settings IAIABC Journal, Vol. 46 No. 2.


Please answer the following Questions:

  1. Michael recommends calling ourselves healthcare support hypnotists. T or F
  2. In 1982 AIDS was usually fatal, but not always. T or F
  3. Is hope realistic with cancer and AIDS patients? T or F
  4. What are three components of the survivors attitude?
    a. ______________________________________
    b. ______________________________________
    c. ______________________________________
  5. A key component to survival is: _________________________________________
  6. By the time a client navigates the medical system and gets to us, they may have learned to be helpless. T or F
  7. What statement both got Michael Ellner into trouble with the medical establishment and built his practice as a result?
  8. What are 2 issues with both AIDS and cancer that hypnosis can help?
  9. Is all pain subjective or is there a way to objectify pain?
  10. Which is more beneficial to rank a chronic pain patient’s symptoms, a pain scale or a comfort scale?

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