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Non Invasive hypnosis and a unique ideomotor technique for healing


Michael Watson

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Recorded December 21, 2015

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Michael Watson: Non Invasive hypnosis and a unique ideomotor technique for healing

In this session you will learn about using generative trance to create and hold a space where the creative unconscious can do what it does best. We will cover numerous approaches to induction and change with an emphasis on drawing out the innate wisdom of the client for healing and transformation. A unique and easy-to-learn ideomotor protocol inspired by Stephen Gilligan and Ernest Rossi will be demonstrated.

Michael is an international trainer of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Mentor Michael Watson has been practicing hypnotherapy for over three decades. He trains for Salad Seminars in the UK, the UP Hypnosis Institute and HPTI, and is the Director of Phoenix Services for Personal Development and NLP Florida. A frequent speaker and presenter at conferences and workshops, Michael Watson’s developmental work in Generative Hypnosis and personal evolution is cutting edge making him a true Mentor in Hypnosis. Known for his lighthearted and caring style, Michael’s training programs are as entertaining as they are valuable.

Michael Watson has studied with John Grinder and Richard Bandler, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Robert Dilts, Christina Hall and Stephen Gilligan as well as such luminaries in the Human Potential Movement as Jean Houston, Timothy Leary and Ram Dass.

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Our goal for you is that you enhance your skills and that you be the greatest expression of yourself. To facilitate maximizing your experience, please do the following:

  1. What is your Medical Hypnosis goal for the next 12 months?
  2. What is your Medical Hypnosis goal for the next 3 months?

Your goal can be what you want it to be related to the topics in Medical Hypnosis Coaching and the Medical Hypnosis Class. Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to work in a cancer center? Do you want to specialize in IBS or Autoimmune Disease?

Your goals need to be specific and measurable and they must have heart – they must have passionate conviction. You must be so motivated to achieve your goal that you are willing to stay up all night or work all weekend to achieve it.

Answer these questions:

  1. Depth of trance indicates the degree of engagement. T or F
  2. Do clients have the resources they need within themselves? Y or N
  3. Who said our clients are our clients because they are out of rapport with their unconscious minds?
  4. Generative Trance invites the client to participate in guiding their own healing session? Y or N
  5. Generative Trance requires the hypnotist to have an in-depth knowledge of the clients problem?
  6. Anxiety is real. Y or N
  7. Rossi’s Magic Hands shifts the client ‘s focus from external to internal? Y or N
  8. Our thoughts create our experiences? Y or N
  9. What is a Behavioral Prescription?
  10. Michael stated, “There is a You shaped place in space and you fit it perfectly.” What does that statement mean to you?

Recommended Reading:

The Courage to Love: Principles and Practices of Self-Relations Psychotherapy by Stephen Gilligan

Generative Trance: Third Generation Trance Work by Stephen Gilligan

Medical Hypnosis Resource Library:

This library is constantly being updated with new information so check it frequently.

Continuing Education

1.5 CEs are available for this class through IMDHA. To obtain CEs, you will need to complete the assigned reading and the 10 question exam.

Please, check back to this page from time to time for any updates.

Michael, Melissa and I thank you for your participation and your support.

Feel free to call me at (206) 903-1232 or email Roger Moore at with any questions. I look forward to seeing you.

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