Available for immediate download!

This ebook is a PDF file, best read with Adobe Acrobat reader, a free program that is undoubtedly on your computer. This book is best viewed using a tablet, laptop, netbook or desktop computer. It is an exact copy of the printed book and full of the same charts and photos. We have tested it on a Kindle, iPhone and iPad and it displays very nicely, though not all of the PDF viewing options will be available, so navigation and text size could be an issue. Below you’ll find specific directions.

Kindle directions

Please note that on the Kindle you are somewhat limited as to display size because of the font sizing options. There are several ways to get the PDF onto your Kindle, just pick one that seems easy to you.


1. If your Kindle can browse the Internet, you can download it directly from the download page. Done! You may also want to download the PDF to your desktop or laptop (where you will always have a safe, permanent copy).

2. Or you can plug your Kindle into your computer, which will open a dialog box showing you what’s on your Kindle. Save the downloaded PDF to your desktop (where you will always have a safe, permanent copy) then simply drag the icon for the eBook into the Kindle contents box. It will fly over in just seconds. That’s it!

iPad directions

As you probably know, the iPad has not yet made it too easy to add PDFs. There are plenty of options, though. Here are just a few; pick one that suits your techno taste.


1. If you simply click from your iPad on the link we give you, the entire book will download in your browser window (Safari) for immediate reading. As long as you keep that tab open in your browser, the book will be there.

2. You can download the PDF to your desktop or laptop (where you will always have a safe, permanent copy) then drag the PDF icon into iTunes to sync it over to your iPad.

3. After you download the PDF to your computer, you can simply email the file to yourself, sending it to the email address you can access on your iPad. This should only take a few minutes, even over wifi.

4. After the PDF is downloaded, you can move it to a better location. For best results with the iPad, view the PDF from your iBooks app. If you haven’t installed that app yet, it’s free in the App Store. To move the file into iBooks, tap and hold the attachment icon until the option window opens and then select: “Open in iBooks” option or choose: “Open in…” which displays your other options.

5. For added productivity, install the free app: PDF Reader Lite (get it in the App Store). That will also allow you to highlight passages, copy text and much more. It’s a great app. Or you may prefer a more robust paid app. The best rated one is GoodReader ($4.99) in the app store. If you like to read a variety of document types, then this would be a great app to buy.

You can purchase the Becoming Slender For Life Updated 2nd Edition ebook for only $14.97