I have been writing about Self-hypnosis and Your Wood Pile and about Moving The Wood so it only seems appropriate to continue on and share some thoughts about Storing Wood. Bike rides and stacking wood give me lots of time to ponder life and to reflect on my learnings from my clients in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices as well as the hypnotherapy clients that I have only met on the phone and internet.

Maybe it is just part of the human condition but I have noticed that both with myself and my clients that once I have dealt with an issue in my  life I want it to be done. For too many years I fought when issues recycled back round for greater healing. I just felt like I was a failure and wondered why I didn’t get it the first time it came around.

It’s a process. Diseased trees were cut down. A few days later, rounds were split and pieces of firewood were thrown into a pile. A week later, each piece was picked up, thrown into a wheelbarrow, wheeled up to the pile and like a giant multidimensional jigsaw puzzle stacked stacked 8′ wide, 12′ long and 5′ high and then covered with a blue tarp and then a brown tarp over the top. The sides are all exposed and pallets hold the wood off of the ground so the wood can dry for winter. Then piece by piece it will be wheeled down to the house and stacked on the deck – eventually to be carried in to keep us warm for the winter. And then the ash has to be cleaned out and of course the chimney swept.

So with all those steps to heat a house, why is it that we seem to think that issues like anger, fear, hurt or sadness should just poof go away and never reappear? Why is it that I am OK with pitch on my arms and legs that are bloodied and bruised from pieces of wood falling on them and yet we seem to avoid the pain that can come with healing. Why is it OK to have wood cure for months to be burnt later and yet we just want to stuff our issues and never take them on again?

Here is what I think about healing anger, hurt, fear and sadness. It’s a process! We heal to the extent that we can heal and then set it aside until we are ready for a deeper cut. We recycle. It is not a failure to again take on issues we have dealt with in the past – it is recycling.

What I know from personal experience and having used hypnotherapy with clients for many years now is that hypnosis can be a powerful change agent and a powerful tool for healing. If you have issues in process seek out a qualified professional hypnotherapist to guide and support you. Treat yourself with compassion, forgiveness and love. Embrace your healing process. Learn self-hypnosis and keep the process of your growth and healing in motion.

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I embrace my healing process.

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