Stress impacts cancerLast night I had the opportunity to share about the impact stress has on cancer with the Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group. Research shows that stress fuels cancer by triggering a ‘master switch’ gene which allows the disease to spread. Other research demonstrates that positive thoughts and emotions boosts your immune system and can improve your health. Mindfulness hypnosis can help you reduce the stress in your life and help you make and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

Stress DOES have an impact on cancer:

Anxiety switches on a gene that speeds up
the spread of the disease

This suggests that the host stress response can help cancer to metastasize.

If the body is in perfect balance, there isn’t much of a problem. When the body gets stressed, that changes the immune system. And the immune system is a double-edged sword.

In general, when cancer cells first appear, the immune system recognizes them as foreign and various immune cells travel to the site to attack them.

If further research bear out the results ‘the stress gene could one day function as a drug target to combat cancer spread.

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I so enjoyed meeting the men at the Tacoma Prostate Cancer Support Group and it was really exciting to hear them talk about eating vegetables, being more active and reducing stress – I felt like I was preaching to the choir and I loved it! When I got home, I found this wonderful thank you letter in my email. Click here to read.

You can easily learn mindfulness hypnosis and manage the stress in your life and improve your health and wellness. Over the years I have had numerous medical hypnosis clients from Tacoma, Olympia, and Portland drive weekly to my Seattle office. In recent years Skype hypnosis has made it possible for me to work with clients is several states and foreign countries so if you live too far from my office, together we can create an on-line hypnosis program so that you too can flow with life easily and effortlessly.

Read Mood is influenced by immune cells in response to stress

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