Stress has been linked to childhood obesity and at the Seattle hypnosis and weight loss office of Roger Moore’s Counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC I teach children the skills and tools for relaxation with self-hypnosis. Children are naturals when it comes to quickly and easily learning how to hypnotize themselves and they do very well with conversational hypnosis. Learning how to quiet the mind and body when young are important tools for stress reduction and relaxation throughout life.

According to an article by Bob Condor of the Seattle PI on February 2, 2009, a new Swedish study published in the Journal of Pediatrics suggests that living in a stressful household may raise a child’s risk for becoming overweight by up to twice as much.

The Swedish researchers, who evaluated 5- and 6-year-old children in more than 7,400 families, said kids can handle “some stress or stressors, but not several at the same time.” Four primary areas of family or household stress were identified: A serious life event such as a family illness, accident, death, divorce, unemployment or exposure to violence; spouse relationship issues; lack of social support among other family members or community or both; and concern about a child’s health and development.

If children were exposed to two or more of these four family stress areas, then it heightened risk for obesity.

The researchers emphasized that family stress is not the sole reason why a child might gain unnecessary weight before even entering school years. Instead, they wrote, “stress probably interacts with other factors to worsen the problem.”

This study is significant because most parents think diet and exercise when worrying about a child’s weight. They don’t connect how family stress might be disrupting a child’s ability to be active, eat healthfully or even get a good night’s sleep (which newer research shows helps any of us to more efficiently burn fat even while resting).

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