Stress management

Stress management is challenging for most anyone with a pulse. Throughout each day there are stressors. Some of these stressors are external factors like traffic, work or family issues. Others are internal. These are the ones that you create in your own imagination. Most of the time, these internal stressors never materialize. You stress over what might happen even though it most likely won’t happen.

A Seattle weight loss hypnosis with Roger Moore client that I will call Jane, came in last week all excited. She’s been learning and implementing my Greatest Expression of You process into her daily life for the past four months.

Stress management

An alternative to stress

Jane has lost 31 pounds. She started at 190 pounds and weighed in at 159. Her goal is 125 pounds. Stress eating has always been a problem for Jane. Food (especially baked goods like pastries, cookies and cakes) was the drug that mellowed her.

Work and family stress are high in Jane’s life. She has a busy demanding job at Amazon and her junior high and high school children are busy and active with sports, theater, dance and music.

Jane shared with me that on Tuesday the stuff was hitting the fan at work. If it could go wrong it did. She was stressed, tired and started to order a muffin at Starbucks. Jane then recognized the tightness in her shoulders and the knot in her stomach. She then used Roger’s Wiggle and asked herself, “Would eating this muffin be my best self?” Jane smiled, focused on the joy in her life and got on the elevator to her office without the muffin.

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Stress management

Am I being my best self, right now?

On Wednesday, Jane was caught in traffic getting home and was late to pick up a son and a daughter from school to take her daughter to her dance class. The children were talking loudly and laughing. They were getting a long and enjoying each other. But they were loud. The stress of work, traffic and being taxi driver for her kids was getting to her. Jane again felt that tightness in her shoulders and the knot in her stomach. It was that alarm going off warning her that she was about to snap at the kids. She asked herself, “Am I being my best self, right now?”

Knowing that taking her frustration out on her kids was not her best self, she used the Wiggle. She allowed herself to relax and feel joyful and focused on being the greatest expression of herself. She was able to laugh and have fun with her kids.

I love hearing these stories of how Being the Greatest Expression of You is changing lives. If you have a story about how you use the Greatest Expression of You process, I’d love to hear about it. If it’s a story that I can share, please let me know that too. You can email your story to

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