Teaching stress reduction techniques to clients who are living with cancer has been an important priority of mine. In my work at the Peninsula Cancer Center and in my Seattle hypnosis office in the Medical Dental Building and in my Bainbridge Island hypnosis office clients learn self-hypnosis techniques as well as other skills and tools that allow them to cope with and manage stress.

Having cancer is stressful. In addition to a dreaded diagnosis there are all the medical appointments and procedures, educating yourself on treatment options, managing work and family obligations, changing roles within the family, dealing with family and friends … the list goes on. And then there are the adjustment issues once you are free of cancer.

Stress Reduction in Cancer Patients May Pay Off

Study Examines the Link Between Stress Reduction and Telomere Length

WebMD Health NewsApril 2, 2011 — Cancer patients who learn to cope with their stress can have improvement in stress-related biomarkers after a short time, new research suggests. And that could translate to improved health and possibly improved survival.

The biomarker this study looked at is the length of telomeres. Telomeres are the structures on the ends of chromosomes that keep the chromosomes from deteriorating or otherwise going haywire. They’re often compared to the caps on the ends of shoelaces.

They can shorten with advancing age, but can also shorten with stress. Stress, in turn, may increase the rate of cancer growth and spread. Stress reduction can lengthen the telomeres, the new research finds.

Women participating in the clinical study who experienced an improved qualify of life and decreased stress response had an increase in telomere length in the circulating white blood cells. Stress reduction translated to longer telomere length. The stress didn’t change. Their response to it did.

Read Stress Reduction in Cancer Patients May Pay Off

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The affects of stress on the autoimmune system are well documented. You can learn stress reduction techniques easily and many of them are available to you right here at Hypnosis Health Info. Please share this blog post with people you know are living with cancer. Let them know that self-hypnosis can help them relax and help them manage stress and other challenges that result from a cancer diagnosis.

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