What does love have to do with stress reduction? Apparently, a lot! It’s Valentines Day today and just giving and receiving emotional support is enough to amp up levels of feel-good hormones coursing through your veins. Being in a relationship does have stressful moments. As a Certified Counselor with a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy I coach couples in the art of communication and emotional support so that they can move beyond the relationship stressors. This Valentine’s Day why not learn relationship self hypnosis so that you and your partner can be loving and relaxed. If you’d like to reduce the stress in your relationship and boost the feel good hormones visit Roger Moore”s counseling & Hypnotherapy LLC.

Healthy Love:
The Perfect Antidote To Stress

The Huffington Post, February 12, 2013: Falling in love sure sounds stressful: the quickened pulse, the fixation, the anxiety that feelings won’t be returned. But while the sight of your beloved might send your heart racing (thanks to a kick of adrenaline), the act of being in love may have a protective effect on your health.

“What happens in the brain when you love someone is that there’s more activity in the ‘reward’ system,” explains Dr. Helen Fisher, a physical anthropologist who studies the neurohormonal phenomena of love and is a research professor at Rutgers University. “Your brain floods with dopamine, which gives you focus, energy and optimism and those things can all be good to counter stress.”

“Sex with the right person has a lot of health benefits,” she says, listing a battery of stress-reducing health benefits. “It lowers blood pressure, enhances mood by releasing endorphins. It’s a sedative, helps you sleep, soothes aches and pains. It even gives you healthier skin and even emotional confidence.”

While many of those side benefits of the physical acts of love can contribute to reduced stress, you don’t need to have sex to achieve calm: kissing, holding hands or even just looking at your beloved can release the “love hormone” oxytocin in the blood stream, Fisher told Healthy Living. And oxytocin can actually work to inhibit cortisol production and stress response. Some research finds that just feeling the emotional support of a partner was enough to amp up levels of the feel-good hormone coursing through one’s veins.

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So this Valentine’s Day, as you’re thanking your beloved for the happiness they bring you, don’t forget to include the calm they provide as well. Many of the couples that I see have loving and passionate relationships – but they want more. Relationship counseling helps couples — married or not — recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their relationships.

Sometimes, I use relationship counseling hypnosis. From my perspective, we are always in trance. And when a couple is in a dysfunctional relationship trance, hypnosis can be the perfect way to create a loving relationship trance where healing work can be manifested.

Yes, healthy love is the perfect antidote to stress. If you want to love loving and love being loved in your relationship you can visit my Seattle counseling, Bainbridge Island counseling, Forks counseling or even meet with your partner and myself via Skype from wherever you may live.

Happy Valentines Day!

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