Stress reduction response

I teach almost all of my clients at least one stress reduction response. Most people learn several stress reduction techniques.

Why do I teach stress reduction? Because it is essential to your health, wellness and to becoming the Greatest Expression of You.

Back in the 1930’s, a German doctor named Hans Selye noted that most sick people in the hospital had a number of common symptoms. He called these symptoms stress. Not only did they not look and feel well, they had fever, rashes, aches and pains and upset digestive systems.

Stress causes wound healing to take as much as nine days longer, your immune system is suppressed, decreases your ability to handle invading toxins, increases your susceptibility to autoimmune diseases and increases your chances of bacterial infections.

Over the years researchers such as Dean Ornish, Herbert Benson and others have studied stress and the benefits of the stress reduction response. Their studies show that the mind can alter the way that basic genetic instructions are implemented.

Stress Reduction Response

Stress reduction techniques activate your healthy genes

Activate your healthy genes

Stress reduction techniques activate your healthy genes. The research shows that stress reduction techniques can reduce pain and inflammation, ease gut disorders, facilitate weight loss, lower blood pressure, promote heart health and even slow or reverse aging. Anger and depression can be eased with stress reduction. The research also shows that the progression of HIV/AIDS is influenced by stress and that there is a straight-line biochemical link between stress and cancerous tumors.

Benson’s research also shows that “the activity of the mind can alter the way basic genetic instructions are implemented.”

Stress reduction techniques

In addition to the Light Switch Self-hypnosis technique and Roger’s Wiggle, I teach the following Stress Reduction Technique:

  • Place your thumb and forefinger together
  • Close your eyelids
  • Take a deep breath in through your nose
  • As you breathe out through your mouth, release your thumb and forefinger and open your eyelids.

You can use this Stress Reduction Technique very subtly. You don’t have to do it in someone’s face, you can have your hand at your side or under your table or desk. If you like, as you exhale and release your thumb and forefinger, you can also say “Orange Blossom”.

I’m a big believer in using quick, easy and yet powerful techniques. If you have twenty-seven minutes to listen to Orange Blossom or the time for Stress Buster, that’s great. But when you are in the moment of a stressful situation, quick and easy works.

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