I have been teaching women several stress reduction techniques for years to ease hot flashes due to menopause. One of the best stress reduction techniques is self-hypnosis. Training in mindfulness-based stress reduction may help women cope with hot flashes and night sweats caused by menopause. Women who used mindfulness-based stress reduction were less bothered by their hot flashes even though their intensity did not change. Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis clients learn hypnosis so that they can be mindful and change their perception thus changing the cells in their body. (See yesterday’s post Bruce Lipton Biology Of Perception 6 of 7). If you are experiencing menopause hot flashes, give me a call, hypnosis help is available for you.

Stress-Reduction Technique May Ease Hot Flashes

Mindfulness training involves women learning to recognize and discriminate more accurately between the components of experience such as thoughts, feelings, and sensations and developing a nonreactive awareness of these components.

Researchers found women who learned the technique reduced the degree to which they were bothered by hot flashes by 22% for up to three months after training compared with an 11% reduction among the comparison group.

The mindfulness group also reported improvements in quality of life, subjective sleep quality, and perceived stress for up to three months after training. The study is published in Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society.

Read Stress-Reduction Technique May Ease Hot Flashes

Self-hypnosis can be very effective in reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Hypnosis is a mind-body intervention that is of significant benefit in treatment of hot flashes and other benefits may include reduced anxiety and improved sleep. Further, hypnosis may be a preferred treatment because of the few side effects and the preference of many women for a non-hormonal therapy. Learn hypnosis to manage your specific symptoms, emotions and for your physical well-being. Mind Over Menopause is an excelling hypnosis MP3 download to get you started.

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