Stress is a time for growthRabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski tells us that stress is a time for growth. I love that! I get that many people simply want to escape discomfort and just want to numb out with food, alcohol, drugs, shopping, sex, smoking, gambling or other drug of choice. The problem with this approach is there is no growth.

If you read my posts on stress, you will see that I have been teaching  techniques for many years at my Seattle Hypnosis office. The techniques that I teach are designed specifically to get you out of the stress response, so that you can mange the stressor and grow.

No, you don’t want to be spinning out of control with stress just as you don’t want to be burying your discomfort so that you don’t learn and grow from the experience. As Rabbi Twerski tells us, “Don’t let obstacles stop you.”

Learn mindfulness self-hypnosis and strive for your goals.

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Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski On Responding To Stress

“….the lesson is that it is the discomfort that causes the lobster to shed the oppressive shell, and allows it to grow. Just think what would happen if a lobster had access to a doctor! It would complain of discomfort and get a pill to relieve it. With the discomfort gone, the lobster would never shed its shell and would not grow, dying as a tiny lobster!” ~ Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski

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I love this: “Just think what would happen if a lobster had access to a doctor!” Just as the lobster has the natural ability to shed it’s shell, you have within you the ability to learn mindfulness self-hypnosis stress reduction. Instead of being overwhelmed by stress or numbing out to it, isn’t it time for you to use stress management hypnosis so you can handle or stressors and shed your shell? If you are ready for growth, give me a call or email me now.

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