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Has stress got you? Do you feel like you are caught in the jaws of fear? Do you have tension headaches? Are your neck and shoulders tight and does your stomach ache? Do you have sleepless nights?

Imagine being calm and relaxed. Your body is relaxed. You sleep like a baby and awake relaxed and refreshed. Your digestive system functions perfectly and you feel great! Your mind is at peace. You are excited about living and look forward to each day. That is what hypnosis can do for you. You can relax your mind and your body almost instantly using hypnosis.

Stress & Anxiety Tools

Orange Blossom You just can’t help but relax with this one. It has become a popular favorite.
Power Minutes


Letting Go of the Results
Research Stress Tension Release
Deal with Fear
Lessening Anxiety
Strategies to regain Equilibrium
7 Public Speaking Survival Tips
Putting the Fun Back Into Work and Play

Stress Reduction MP3s

Stress Buster: 32 minutes of unwinding. Stress Buster is one of Roger Moore’s most popular MP3 downloads. Everyone relaxes with Stress Buster!

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“I love Orange Blossom. The first time I heard this there was an orange amaryllis blooming in Roger’s office–it was the first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes. Ever since then, whenever I feel any tension in my body or feel the least bit upset, all I have to do is think Orange Blossom, and as I breathe in, I am immediately calm.”