I received my October 14, 2007,  Tips for Extraordinary Living from Philip E. Humbert PhD, and was all excited to read what he wrote about achieving success. Here is the essence of what he wrote.

  1. Design the outcome. The first step in achieving anything is to design it in detail.  When you take the time to design the future you want -when you design the marriage, the income, the home or career (and I would add weight-loss) -you really, really want, your brain will create it for you.
  2. Desire is key. The size of your results will exactly reflect the depth of your desire. Design the outcome or result you want, and be sure to desire it with your whole being.
  3. Discipline is essential. The hard part is the daily discipline of putting one foot in front of the other.

With a well-designed outcome, profound desire, and daily discipline, you can achieve whatever you want. The process is simple, The individual steps are easy, and the results are predictable. But most people never do them.

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