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Many people who struggle to lose weight avoid sugar at any cost. Sugar is clearly not a health food, but is sugar to blame for weight gain?

I came across a study (Am J Clin Nutr. 1997 Apr;65(4):908-15.Metabolic and behavioral effects of a high-sucrose diet during weight loss.PMID: 9094871) that challenges the whole concept of sugar and weight gain. The study compared two diets both containing the same amount of calories (1100)), and the same percentages of fat (11%), protein (19%) and carb (71%). The only difference was where the carbs came from. In one group, 43% of the calories came from white sugar. In the other diet, only 4% came from white sugar. That’s 118 grams (around 30 tsps) vs 11 grams (around 3 tsps)

Both groups experienced the same decreases in weight, blood pressure, percentage body fat,and the same changes in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. There was no difference in the effect of either diet on fasting blood sugar (which went down in both groups)

The reason is that the total calories were restricted and both groups lost weight. Each group took in around 1100 calories and lost about 15 lbs over the 6 weeks.

The authors concluded… “We therefore conclude that the use of sucrose in a weight-loss regimen is unlikely to cause problems for the average patient, as long as total energy intake is restricted.”

While a diet that has 43% of its calories coming from white sugar is not recommended, this clearly lets everyone know that small amounts of sugar are not the problem when it comes to weight. Total calories are the problem.

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