I received an email from Dr. Mercola about how sugar can really mess up your metabolism. I found it important enough to share with you. The great news is that hypnosis can really help you end your sugar cravings.And even more great news is that self-hypnosis can be easy to use. Learn how to hypnotize here at Hypnosis Health Info.

You may have been hearing on the news claims from the American Beverage Association that there is “no association between high fructose corn syrup and obesity. Watch this video and you may think otherwise.  Check out This Common Food Ingredient Can Really Mess Up Your Metabolism. Not only does Dr. Mercola discuss sugar, he talks about the importance of fiber and the dangers of fructose.

Take advantage of the tools and resources here at Hypnosis Health Info and learn how to hypnotize yourself. Self-hypnosis is easy to learn and easy to use. With Slender For Life™ you put hypnosis to work for you and make healthy choices in your life.

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Using self-hypnosis I make healthy choices in my life.

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