Processed foods that are potent and hyperpalatable

I’ve often written about how sugar and fat trick the brain into wanting more food. We were created to enjoy the sweet taste of fruit. It helped us to discern raw strawberries from ripe ones. Sweet was meant to be pleasurable. That burst of peach juice in your mouth should be a party of sweetness.

The problem today is that food manufactures and restaurants spend millions of dollars to engineer processed foods that are potent and hyperpalatable. These foods are readily available, convenient, socially acceptable, and affordable.

The food industry maximizes the hedonic value of foods with a high concentration of potent multi-sensory ingredients, by combining and layering ingredients to achieve a speed ball bliss point with large portions all pushed with aggressive and sophisticated marketing.

The result is that here in the U.S. we spend more money on health care than any other country, 65% of us are overweight and we are among the sickest populations in the world. The Standard American Diet is simultaneously bankrupting and killing us.

It’s not just the sugar

But wait – America isn’t just getting sick on sugar. As Dr. Neal Barnard pointed on on December 1, 2015, “For the most part, too much sugar and too little exercise sugarcoat the real issue at hand: We’re eating meat and dairy products in quantities that our grandparents never imagined.”

Did you know that milk is high in sugar? One cup of skim milk has 12 grams of sugar and one cup of chocolate milk has almost 24 grams of sugar.

The reality is that chocolate, cheese, meat and sugar are all physically addictive.

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Lasting weight loss

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