Sugarcoating obesity’s leading causesNeal Barnard, M.D., President of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) published a post last week about how we are sugarcoating obesity’s leading causes. He points out that for the first time since 2004, obesity rates are climbing in the United States. What if it’s not the sugar? What if the fattening of America is from the 287 additional meat and cheese calories every day that Americans are eating? The beef and dairy marketers sure don’t want us to think about that!

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Let’s Not Sugarcoat Obesity’s Leading Causes

Dr. Neal Barnard, December 1, 2015: For the first time since 2004, obesity rates are climbing in the United States.

The news – recently released in a CDC report – took many by surprise. How could this have happened, headlines wondered, despite widespread national efforts to prevent obesity? In spite of Let’s Move? In spite of a 25 percent drop in consumption of sugary, full-calorie sodas over the last two decades?

For the most part, too much sugar and too little exercise sugarcoat the real issue at hand: We’re eating meat and dairy products in quantities that our grandparents never imagined.

Obesity was all but unheard of a century ago in the United States. By 1970, about 11 percent of the population qualified as obese. Today, that number stands at 36 percent. So what did happen?

Since 1970, our overall energy intake has risen by about 500 calories per day. Where are most of these extra calories coming from? The bulk is from meat, eggs, dairy products, and added fats, which account for an extra 287 calories every day. That adds up to about four extra pounds per year.

Eating 100 more pounds of meat and cheese – along with saturated fat and cholesterol – every year has, not surprisingly, only made us gain weight and get sick.

Decades of science confirm that our waistlines would benefit from simply moving the animal products off our plates.

It’s time to stop the sweet talk: Meat and dairy are the real drivers of the obesity epidemic, and setting them aside will help solve it.

Read Let’s Not Sugarcoat Obesity’s Leading Causes


Prevalence of Obesity Among Adults and Youth: United States, 2011–2014

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