Super Bowl! Plan to be sociableIn my Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis offices I’ve been hearing lots of excitement about the Seahawks and questions about how to party and not gain weight. With this in mind, it seems only appropriate that Plan to be sociable is again this weeks reading from Becoming Slender For Life. Be smart, use your self hypnosis, stay focused on your weight goal and enjoy your Super Bowl party! Go Seahawks!

Plan to be sociable

Think about all the social situations you might find yourself in where making good food choices may be challenging. The key to success is to plan ahead, instead of just showing up at a party hungry and hoping there is something you can eat. For example:

  • Challenge: Volunteering at your son’s school Halloween party and being around all those cupcakes and bowls of candy.
  • Solution: Eat a healthy meal or snacks before you go, so you won’t be hungry. In addition, bring healthier treats for everyone—or even better, discuss the treats ahead of time with the other mothers and skip the cupcakes and candy all together.
  • Challenge: Weekly Sunday dinner at your in-laws, which is always overly rich. Your mother-in-law makes you feel you’re being rude if you don’t eat second helpings and her famous desserts.
  • Solution: Have a private conversation with her in which you explain that you have decided to eat more healthily—and feed your family only healthy foods—so you don’t end up with serious diseases. Offer to cook the dinner with her and gradually teach her other ways to prepare food. Give her healthy cookbooks so she can start to see what you’ve been learning. If all else fails, tell her that you’ll still come by for a weekly visit, but you will eat elsewhere.
  • Challenge: Business lunches at high-end restaurants notorious for their rich foods.
  • Solution: Call ahead to the restaurant and ask what alternatives they can provide. You may even be able to pre-order a special vegetarian meal that will be the envy of your dining companions. Or, take the edge off your hunger by having some carrot sticks before you go. Then order the simplest thing on the menu, but don’t eat all of it. Better still, try suggesting restaurants that you know serve healthier food. These days, most thoughtful people recognize when someone is taking good care of himself and admire that as a sign of self-esteem.
  • Challenge: Birthday parties with the cheap store-bought cake.
  • Solution: Don’t say “No thank you.” All eyes will be on you with comments like: “Aren’t you being the good girl,” and “Are you on a diet?” Simply accept the cake, mash it with your fork, lay you napkin on top and set it down or throw it away. Chances are no one will ever notice.

Giving good care to yourself is never something to be embarrassed about. It’s a sign of a mature, intelligent adult.

Journal Exercise

Have fun not fat

Make a list on the left side of the page of all the social situations you might find yourself in where making good food choices may be challenging. Then opposite each situation, write as many healthy solutions as you can imagine.

From Becoming Slender For Life,
second edition, pages 231 – 232

I’ve said for years that the only time it’s OK to eat in front of the TV with it on is during the Super bowl. I’ll admit it, I’m not much of a TV sports fan other than the Olympics. But, this year, it’s hard not to get interested in this Super Bowl living here on Bainbridge Island.

Seattle weight loss hypnosis, Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis and clients that I coach on the internet all learn hypnosis for weight loss so that you can be in control of what you eat, how much you eat and get closer to your ideal weight – even when it’s party time!

At our party, we are serving vegan chili, raw vegetables and home made salsa, bean dip and humus. What are you serving?

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Go Seahawks!

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