Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge Island weight loss hypnosis clients have been asking how to survive the Super Bowl snacks and maintain their healthy diet. I tell Slender For Life™ hypnosis weight loss clients that the Super Bowl is the one time each year that it is OK to eat and watch TV. It’s important as you watch the Super Bowl and scream for your team that you eat mindfully – meaning that you eat only if your are truly physically hungry, eat slowly  and mindfully and that you stop eating when your body tells you that it has enough fuel. And, when the party is over, get rid of the leftover snacks. With weight loss self hypnosis you can make it through Super Bowl weekend without gaining weight.

Here are some excellent healthy recipe links for great Super Bowl food

Slender For Life™ Recipes

Super Bowl Hummus

Global Animal

Kid Tested Fire Approved Recipes

Sweet Potato Chili with Kale

One of my favorite hor d’oeuvres is green beans with Szechuan Sauce. This may sound strange as a party food but it’s always been a great hit where ever and when ever we have served it I actually discovered this idea when my youngest son took me to a bar near his home during happy hour for a micro brew and for this hor d’oeuvre that is on their menu. You simply steam green beans and serve them with a Szechuan dipping sauce.

Click here for my Szechuan Sauce recipe

So be a winner, lose weight, enjoy the game and the tribal party that goes with it. Use weight loss self hypnosis so that you are mindful of what and how much you are eating and drinking. Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you do this.

Be safe – don’t drink and drive.

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