Still waiting to put my home office back together. The desk I ordered in October is now scheduled to arrive in two weeks – I’m not holding my breath! Having no desk drawers, everything is on the table or in boxes under the table. Luna struggles to find space at my feet to lie down. As I was moving piles I again came across Greg Critser‘s book, Fat Land. In chapter 2 he writes about who got the calories into our bellies.

Critser writes about marketer’s wars on cultural mores against gluttony – the fifth deadly sin kept people from buying more hamburgers, two bags of fries or 2 boxes of popcorn. No matter what 2 for one specials they ran, people didn’t want to be seen eating two boxes of popcorn because it looked piggish. So what did they do? They increased the size of the box of popcorn and the sales results were astonishing – even though it was more popcorn – it was still only one box! (Now that’s marketing hypnosis!)

This ultimately resulted in Ray Kroc at McDonald’s selling a jumbo bag of French fries – people began eating more fries – but still only one bag! The calories consumed continued to sky rocket with the resulting epidemic of obesity. And then of course there are those value meals where more fat and calories are packaged together purportedly providing you with a better deal (another great hypnotic marketing scheme) – again resulting in more fat on the body.

Today, many people eat at least one fat calorie laden meal every day at a fast food restaurant. It’s hard to make that New Years Resolution to lose weight doing that. Of course, the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in. Hypnosis can really make the difference for you. Using self-hypnosis you decide what messages you are going to follow rather than allowing KFC, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Dunkin Donuts tell you what you want.

At Slender For Life clients eat food bought in the grocery store and lose weight. No packaged foods, no supplements, no magic potions. Remember, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis; you are the one in control.

Regarding your New Year’s Resolution, how’s that working for you? I’ver heard so many stories that makes this Close To Home seem typical. Are you serious about losing weight?  If so, hypnosis can make this year different than past years for you.