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My Symphony for Autoimmune Disease Hypnosis MP3 download is one of my most popular audio recordings for overcoming the symptoms of autoimmune disease. If you are ready to conduct your own healing symphony. this hypnosis MP3 is for you.

Your body is made to be healthy and is made to heal. In fact, it is a natural virtuoso for healing. It’s just that sometimes your autoimmune system gets confused and attacks the body.

Self-hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease

Using self-hypnosis, you can end the confusion and redirect your autoimmune system to create health. With hypnosis you can change your neurology at the cellular level.

My MP3 autoimmune disease downloads will give you specifically targeted suggestions designed to boost the functioning and efficiency of your immune system. You really can put your subconscious mind to work to re-program your immune system.

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Symphony for Autoimmune Disease

Length: 26:38
only $12.97


Symphony for Autoimmune Disease

Studies have shown that the use of various sorts of imagery and relaxation exercises can indeed improve the function of specific parts of the immune system. Conduct your own healing symphony with Symphony for Autoimmune Disease and put your virtuoso to work for your wellness. Length: 26:38
only $12.97

Dear Roger,

I lived with psoriasis for almost 10 years. I had been to many doctors, tried the prescriptions and herbal remedies and went to all of the natural healers in the phone book. All with no success. A friend who has multiple sclerosis told me that she was seeing you and she is excited with her progress.

I looked over your website and ordered Symphony for Autoimmune Disease. While my psoriasis isn’t totally gone, it hasn’t been this good in years. Please email me with available appointment times. I definitely want to schedule sessions with you.


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I orchestrate my healing and health.

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