Parkinson’s Disease MP3 download

Symphony for Parkinson’s Disease MP3 download uses a metaphor that people with Parkinson’s Disease frequently request. It’s all about using the power of your own unconscious mind to direct your own healing symphony.

One of the beauties of this hypnosis MP3 download is that in the privacy of your own mind make this metaphor very personal to you even as you listen to my words.

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Parkinson’s Disease MP3 download

This hypnosis for Parkinson’s Disease MP3 download has been created to help you to relax, boost your immune system and enhance the ability of your body to heal and be healthy

Length: 24:28
only $12.97

Symphony for Parkinson’s Disease

“You walk with balance and ease. Your arms swing naturally as you walk. You lift your knees bringing your feet off the floor in a rhythmic flow characterized by alternating propulsive and retro-pulsive motions of your legs.

Should you ever see, feel or become aware of a tremor any place in your body at any time, it will signal your symphony conductor to direct your body to relax and the tremor will disappear.”

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

My nervous system is performing melodiously every moment.

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