Talk to yourself

Back in the ’80’s when I live on Maui, one of my teachers told me to “talk to yourself.” She was teaching me to create distance between me and my thoughts and my emotions.

For as much as I talk about mindfulness and the importance of being in your body, there is a place that it is appropriate to step away from your thoughts and your emotions. I liken this to being able to see the trees from the forest.

Over the years I have found that for some people who have very negative self-talk, third person talk can be of benefit. Talking to yourself gently, kindly and lovingly in the third person can help quiet the pattern of negativity and help create a healthier mental and emotional state.

Think about how you talk to yourself. The next time that you are experiencing mental and emotional upset, try taking the third person position and ask, “Why is (your name) upset?”


Talk to yourself

You can keep your emotions in check

Talking to Yourself in The Third Person Can Reduce Stress And Negative Emotions

From Science Alert, by David Nield: “According to the team from Michigan State University, it’s all about getting some perspective and seeing yourself as someone else might see you. Taking a mental step back, in other words, can avoid more extreme mood swings.

For example, you might say to yourself “why is John upset?” rather than “why am I upset?” if you’re feeling down (and your name’s John).

“Essentially, we think referring to yourself in the third person leads people to think about themselves more similar to how they think about others, and you can see evidence for this in the brain,” says one of the researchers, psychologist Jason Moser.

“That helps people gain a tiny bit of psychological distance from their experiences, which can often be useful for regulating emotions.””
Read Talking to Yourself in The Third Person Can Reduce Stress And Negative Emotions

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