Just as its never too early to teach your preschooler self-hypnosis, it’s never to early to talk to your children about weight and healthy habits. Childhood obesity for the most part is preventable. When kids are given McDonald’s, Kraft Mac N’ Cheese and other processed foods, candy and sodas, they are going to gain weight. It is important to make healthy eating and exercise habits a family affair from the very beginning. If you have young children, this article is an important read for you.

Talking to Your Preschooler About Weight

WebMD, September 13, 2011: When your preschooler has cute chubby little cheeks or an extra roll or 2 around her middle, how do you sit down and talk about healthy weight? You don’t talk about weight, say parenting and weight experts. Talk about healthy eating and healthy habits and say things like, “This food will make you stronger!” Like you teach young kids that brushing their teeth and taking baths are important ways to stay healthy, tell them that eating healthy foods and keeping their bodies moving are also important for their bodies. This should be the approach whether your child is overweight or not. It’s really important to talk to kids at every age and over time about the importance of nutrition and physical activity.

Parents make the mistake that if kids are really small, it doesn’t matter. Like, “Young kids are picky and if all they eat are chicken nuggets and french fries, it’s OK, they’ll grow out of it.” But it’s not OK.
It’s not OK because when kids don’t eat well or aren’t active, that can lead to being overweight or obese. And overweight kids are at risk for health problems such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, even in childhood. Overweight and obese kids are also at risk of developing sleep apnea, asthma, and liver damage.

Do …

  • Have age-appropriate, ongoing conversations about healthy choices
  • Tell kids that healthy foods make them stronger
  • Make exercise fun, think playtime
  • Talk to your child’s pediatrician about any weight worries


  • Talk about “weight”
  • Make foods “bad” or off-limits, but do watch portions
  • Use food for reward or comfort
  • Assume kids will outgrow “baby fat”
  • Tolerate weight-based bullying or teasing

What to Say

When: Grocery shopping
Talk about: Why you pick one food over another
For example: “This will make you stronger.”

When: Making dinner
Talk about: Why foods are good for you
For example: “Carrots help our eyes.”

When: Being active as a family
Talk about: How exercise helps your body and how it makes you feel
For example: “Being outside makes me happy and biking is great for our legs and hearts.”
Making Healthy Habits

At this age, your child depends exclusively on you for food and activity. So you can have a huge positive impact on his health. It’s up to you to make the changes that will help him get the healthiest foods and enough activity.
It’s important to make sure the whole family’s onboard. Mom can’t sit and eat ice cream in front of the TV while expecting an overweight child to play and move. Come up with activities — hiking, basketball, dancing — that everyone will enjoy. Then moving becomes a fun, family habit.

The same goes for mealtime. Don’t serve a separate meal for the child who’s not at a healthy weight while the rest of the family gets fried chicken and butter-soaked biscuits. Everyone at the table should eat a meal that is half made up of veggies. The other half should be made up of a side of lean meat and a side of whole grains.

Read Talking to Your Preschooler About Weight

The pain and suffering inflicted on children by the American diet is so brutal that if it were administered with a stick, parents would be put in jail.” ~ John McDougall, MD

John McDougall is right. The only words that I know to describe today’s epidemic of childhood obesity are “sad” and “criminal”. It is sad to me that as a society we are abusing our children with foods that make them fat and that is why I say it is criminal. America, we are better than this! We must act now to save our children. Make healthy eating and exercise a family affair in your household. Teach you children self-hypnosis so that they have this powerful tool throughout their life to support healthy choices (and it can help them with academics and sports performance too!) America, let’s put an end to this preventable epidemic that is condemning our children to a life of disease. Teach children to love healthy food.

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