Tate Talks

Last Sunday I had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with my friend Jason Tate on his Tate Talks show on  iHub Radio. We talked about Medical Hypnosis, weight loss, Thanksgiving Dinner, forgiveness, the Human Health Initiative and several health and wellness topics.

Jason created Tate Talks to offer you the tools and knowledge to make the necessary changes to live optimally with the goal of preventing and even reversing many of the chronic diseases that plague society today.

Jason is also the creator of The Human Health Initiative with a mission “To Prevent and Reverse Dietary and Lifestyle-Related Diseases Worldwide Through Education and Awareness”. The Human Health Initiative exists to restore balance and give people back the knowledge they once had for millennia; how to live in harmony with the world and how to nourish their bodies with wholesome nutrient-rich foods.

Tate Talks is a great podcast and I really urge you to check it out.

Tate Talks

Jason Tate is joined in the studio by Roger Moore, a Medical Hypnotherapist who helps others with pain management, weight loss, overcoming fears and addictions, and much more! Jason and Roger discuss hypnosis, reflect on “A Thought to Digest”, and embrace new knowledge with “Empty Your Cup”. 

Listen to Tate Talks - Episode 05, Hour 1

by Jason Tate & Roger Moore | Tate Talks

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