Teach Children About Death and Grief

In recent years in the U.S., it’s become uncomfortable to teach children about death and grief. I’ve been saddened by some of the discussions I’ve read on Facebook and other social media where parents have not wanted their children to attend funerals.

The result has been young adults in my office seeking hypnosis for anxiety about death and dying. I’m sure that it was my own experiences as a young boy that I have always considered dying and death to be a normal and natural part of life. I was 4 when I attended my Great-grandmother’s funeral. I can still remember her body in the casket.

Over the next several years as that generation died, I attended multiple funerals. As a young child, I learned that we are born, we age and we die. That is the circle of life.

If you have been avoiding discussing dying and death with your children or allowing them to attend funerals, I encourage you to listen to this podcast with Joe Primo CEO of Good Grief and please also click on the button below and find out about the End-of-life University.


Teach Children About Death and Grief

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“Welcome to this interview with Joe Primo CEO of Good Grief, a non-profit organization for children, teens and families that are grieving. He’ll discuss why and how to talk to children about death, support them through grief and involve them in funerals.”

Listen to Teaching Children About Death and Grief

Joe Primo

CEO, Good Grief

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