Teen brain on sugar

One-fifth of the daily diet of a typical American teen comes from added sugar. For several years several studies have been conducted on the teen brain on sugar. Sweetened beverages like soda, energy drinks and sports drinks accounts for half of that sugar.

According to research at Yale Medical School, “sugar may change the still-developing adolescent brain by increasing blood flow to the parts of the brain that control reward and executive function.”

While childhood obesity is a major concern, the studies show that the dangers of sugar includes increased levels of inflammation in the hippocampus, disrupting learning and memory function. Inflammation in the brain can contribute to cognitive decline and dementia.

Additionally, obese teens performed worse at math, spelling and mental flexibility than healthy-weight teens.

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Teen brain on sugar

Teen brain reacts to sugar differently

When it comes to glucose ingestion, the adolescent brain reacts differently than the adult brain. That’s according to functional MRI scans comparing the cerebral blood flow of lean adolescents with lean adults, Dr. Ania M. Jastreboff reported June 15 at the annual scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

Researchers found that lean adolescents showed increased cerebral blood flow in several regions, including the reward-motivation region (striatum), the impulse control region (anterior cingulate cortex), and the prefrontal cortex, which is in charge of executive function regulation. All these regions undergo marked developmental changes during adolescence.
Read Teen brain reacts to sugar differently

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