In the Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss offices of Slender For Life™ I have witnessed successfully using hypnosis for weight loss to outsmart fast-food advertisers to avoid obesity. TV advertisers use the TV trance to sell their products to viewers. Children and teens can easily learn and use self-hypnosis to take control of the trance that they are in and turn off the TV. Use hypnotherapy in your life to choose real food and to motivate yourself to get off the couch and exercise.

Are Fast-Food Advertisers Playing You?

How teens can outsmart fast-food advertising to avoid obesity.
WebMD Feature, February 23, 2011: Did you ever think that watching your favorite TV show could be hazardous to your health? It can be, when you consider what you’re seeing during commercial breaks. A study of almost 100,000 food ads on TV showed that 89% of ads that teenagers see are promoting products high in fat, sugar, and/or sodium.

With the average teen in the U.S. seeing 15 food ads a day, commercials’ influence on you can add up. Especially when you consider that these ads can affect how you eat without you knowing it. And that’s where the danger lies. A study by researchers at Yale University found that kids eating a snack while watching TV ate 45% more during and after food ads.

Ads push super-sized meals, promising better value for bigger portions. These commercials remind you that you can get an inordinate amount of unhealthy food for a very low price. That can make them hard to resist when you’re hungry and strapped for cash. But the ads don’t tell you that jumbo portions are not good for your health; they just add more calories, sugar, and unhealthy fats. The portion sizes that ads suggest are just completely out of control.

Over the years portion sizes — or the amount of food being eaten in one sitting — has grown by a lot. If you were served a cheeseburger 20 years ago, it likely would have weighed in at 333 calories. Order a cheeseburger today and you’re likely get something nearly double the size — 590 calories! That’s too much to eat at once, especially when paired with fries and a soda, to be considered healthy. Over time mega-meals can add up on your waistline and take a toll on your health. To burn off the difference in calories between the old portion and today’s jumbo sandwich, a 130-pound person would need to lift weights for 1 1/2 hours.

Read Are Fast-Food Advertisers Playing You?

Visit Seattle weight loss and Bainbridge Island weight loss and learn how hypnosis can help you and your family outsmart advertisers, lose weight and keep it off. Self-hypnosis really does make the difference. If you are ready to lose weight and live too far away from Puget Sound, give me a call or send me an email and we can create a phone, internet and Skype program for you. I know that weight loss hypnotherapy can help you outsmart fast food advertisers.

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