Seattle Weight Loss Says End Childhood Obesity ~ Count Liquid Calories

It’s probably no surprise to you that teens and young men drink way too much sugary drinks. I hadn’t realized it until recently, but many restaurants now offer bottomless sodas with a meal. The other night at a local restaurant it was alarming to see huge baskets of burgers with unlimited french fries and continuous soda refills being devoured by overweight children and adults. It is so sad to see people choosing to destroy their health. Restaurants are serving larger portions because consumers are demanding it. In a recent conversation with a tourist form Europe who works as a waitress, I was told that the number one complaint from American tourists is that the portions are too small. Sadly, it is that we have become accustomed to consuming large quantities of fat and sugar which result in the diseases of obesity like Type 2 diabetes. At Slender For Life™ I know that there is a solution. Hypnosis for weight loss and help you end your cravings for fat and sugar. Weight loss hypnosis can help children and adults choose healthy plant-based meals and help you to be more physically active. Visit me at my Seattle weight loss or Bainbridge Island weight loss or via Skype and put an end to sugary drinks in your family.

Teens, Young Men Way Over Limit On Sugary Drinks

Reuters, Wed, August 31 2011: About half of the population drinks a sugar-sweetened beverage on any given day, with teens and young men consuming way more than recommended limits for staying healthy, according to new government data. The average male in the survey consumed 175 calories in a day from drinks containing added sugar, while the typical female consumed 94 calories from such drinks.

Boys aged 12 to 19 consumed 273 calories a day from sugar-sweetened drinks, or the equivalent of about two 12-ounce cans of carbonated cola — more than any other group. Men aged 20 to 39 consumed 252 calories a day from beverages containing added sugar, the second-highest amount.

The American Heart Association recommends getting no more than 450 calories a week from sugar-sweetened beverages, or less than three cans of soda. They include sodas, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sports and sweetened bottled waters.

Close to 26 million Americans have diabetes, and most have Type 2, the kind linked to poor diet and lack of exercise. “If you wouldn’t eat 22 packs of sugar, why are you drinking it?” said Dr. Jonathan Fielding, public health director in Los Angeles.

Read Teens, Young Men Way Over Limit On Sugary Drinks

Weight loss hypnosis can make a difference in your health and the health of your children. Love and care for your body and it will love and care for you. With hypnosis for weight loss you create healthy cravings for plant-based meals and can even have water become your beverage of choice.

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End Childhood Obesity ~ Count Liquid Calories

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