300X300_Banner-for-Seattle-Hypnosis-ConferenceAt the 2015 Seattle Hypnosis Conference with Richard Nongard & Roger Moore you can learn how to help your clients tamp down test anxiety and improve both academic and sports performance.

We’ve already exceeded our first 25 enrollment offer, but if you register now, you can still get in for only $47.00 per day. Unbelievable! You get 2 full days with Richard Nongard and Roger Moore for only $47.00 per day. You can attend in person in Seattle, live online or on demand anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, office or even the beach.

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Friday October 9:

Build a Cash Generating Practice with Academic Performance Hypnosis

Probably the largest untapped market for hypnotists are academic performance and test taking performance. Every city, large or small, has kids and teens who need to improve grades and adults who are moving into new opportunities but must pass the test first!


Saturday, October 10:

Using Hypnosis to Create Peak Performance

The big mistake many hypnotists make is believing they must play the same sport as their clients to create success. And so most hypnotists, miss the opportunity to work with top level pros, college level teams and other lucrative clients related to sports performance.

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Prevention over panic is key strategy
for science exams workshop

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