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Do you ever wonder what is the point to life? What is life’s meaning? I frequently ask clients why are they on this earth at this time. I get a wide variety of responses from profound to “I have no idea”. Often I hear people chasing the pot o’ gold with no plan, no purpose and no clue what they’d do once they found the pot of gold.

Victor Frankl said “that which is to give light, must endure burning.” In my own life, my post profound learnings and experiences have been painful. These painful experiences were not easy, nor were they fun. Yet, now when I look back these experiences were rich with the fabric of life.

One of the great questions of life is the choice to do, or to experience. Too often we get so busy doing that we forget to experience and enjoy our lives. Life can be a constant source of love and wonder, but sometimes in our hurry we fail to notice. We so badly want success – the pot of gold, that we forget to live well and enjoy the ride.

We live “lives of quiet desperation” not because we are poor, but because of our desire to have, to do, or to be, something else – to get the pot of gold. We are anxious because we fail to realize that what we have is, in fact, quite enough.

The good news is that we already have the pot of gold! Most of us have access to more books and education, entertainment, travel, and business opportunities than we can possibly explore in one life time. We all participate in this “rising tide” of experiences.

In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy taught us to look in our own back yard for the pot of gold it is within us! One of the ways that I use hypnosis is to go within and experience this moment.  Too often we miss the current moment feeling guilty about the past moment or fretting about the next moment. The pot of gold is in this moment. Self-hypnosis allows me to make the most of each moment. We are always in trance and hypnotherapy provides us the means to choose the trance we are in. Use hypnosis and choose to fully experience the riches found in this moment.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I fully experience this moment.