Greatest expression of you

Last Sunday, my post was Becoming the greatest expression of you. So, what is the greatest expression of you? If you are like most people that I ask this question, you may be struggling for an answer. I like to think of the Greatest Expression as being your best self. To help me create that mental and emotional space, part of my daily morning prayer and meditation is, “God, let me be as good as Luna (our dog) thinks that I am.” If I can be as good as she thinks I am, I’m having a great day! Another way of thinking about this, is to reflect on how your children or grandchildren (niece, nephew …) thought of you when they were about four years old. That’s that age of innocence where they look to you for love and protection and they love you unconditionally.

If you were being the person that your dog, or the young child in your life thinks you are, who would you be? If you were to be your best self, who are you? How would you love? How would you feel? How would you think? How would you live? How are you being in this world? What are you doing differently than you are now? Being this person, how do you feel about yourself? How would your relationships with others be different?

When I first sent people home to contemplate on this and to write their “Greatest Expression,” I began receiving two and three page documents. These epistles were heartening to read, but I realized they weren’t functional. I came to this realization when I found a six page purpose statement that I wrote for myself about 15 years ago, lost in a file drawer. I hadn’t looked at it since it was filed away all those years ago. It was too cumbersome to be a practical guide for my life. After glancing at it, I quickly moved it to the circular file.

Greatest expression of you

The Path

In her book, The Path, Laurie Beth Jones teaches us that a purpose statement should be no more than two or three sentences in length, understandable to a 7 year-old and you should be able to recite it with a gun pointed to your head. Now, that is useful. So when I ask clients to write their Greatest Expression, I now specifically ask for two or three sentences. When it’s short and to the point, it becomes useful, and I believe that it becomes more meaningful to you. Two or three sentences is something you can easily read every morning as you brush your teeth whereas most of us are not going to read several pages every morning.

Examples of The Greatest Expression of You

Submitted by others:

  • I am a compassionate and passionate soul who is strong in the storm and who embraces challenges with tenacity and poise, every day. I take on what the world offers me with good humor, compassion and agency.
  • I am a happy guy who’s active, appealing, energetic and lives to expose my energy.  I love my husband, dogs, and those that are truly valuable.  I am giving in many ways.
  • I am spunky! I am respected! I am strong! I am energetic! 🙂
  • I am a loving and joyful Baba.
  • I am pure positive energy and I am one with my source.
  • Through the eyes of my inner being I bask in the perfection of me.
  • Loving me fully and believing in my unique humanity- with confidence, courage, self-respect and honor -is the pathway to loving others, true strength, being happy and having an extraordinary life. I am curious, fun-loving, adventurous, creative, honest and generous.
  • I radiate light and love and know the radiance of others. I fly because I am grounded. I see because I am. I exercise my body and being, and thus I am profoundly alive.
  • I am fearless, loving, and full of energy. I’m positive, centered, and generous with others and with myself.
  • I radiate warmth and compassion for all beings.  I am responsible, loyal, and  hard working.
  • I am blessed in this life. Today as I continue to help others, I also remember to help myself.
  • I am a leader who is loving and compassionate.
  • I am beautiful, sexy and fun. I am elegant and graceful. I am intelligent and influential
  • I am a fun and loving person. I am faithful, honest and dependable. I have a “God Given” happy spirit that brings other joy and comfort.
  • My best self is LOVE.  When I feel Loved by God, I radiate LOVE to every one I encounter. My best self is peaceful, generous, and not wanting anything but to live another day to LOVE.
  • I am my best when I believe in myself, in the goodness inherent in me.
  • I am peaceful, filling people’s hearts with content and happiness everywhere I go. I am excited for my future, I am successful and out going. I am true at heart, people look to me for confidence and love.
  • Daily, I live my life filled with love, empathy and passion for others and myself.  I seek out opportunities to utilize my creative side and thrive in their successful completion.  My compassion for animals has filled my heart and soul with love.
  • I am a selfless man who loves, protects and cares for his family first. I act with integrity in all my relationships. I am a good person.
  • I am a child of Grace. I have a loving Jesus that loves me fully so that intern I can love myself and others.
  • I am a high-spirited adventurer who is confident, hard-working and excited for the future. I’m a pretty cool dude.
  • I am creating a life of unconditional love and compassion, exuberant joy and infinite creativity. I allow myself to live fully right here, right now, in acceptance and surrender and peace. I live in gratitude, faith, integrity and beauty.
  • I am wildly creative and peaceful. I am caring, sensitive, playful and funny.
  • Success flows easily and abundantly to me in all forms. I am worthy of it and I am gratefully and thankfully accepting it.
  • I am gracefully evolving emotionally and spiritually into by best health toward meaningful contribution and fulfillment.
  • I sing through today with JOY in my heart!
  • I live in gratitude for the love and abundance in my life. I express this love daily to others in what I say and what I do. In this expression of love, my joy is amplified boundlessly.
  • I am loved and loving. I radiate with warmth and confidence. I am glowing with a positive energy that spreads to the world around me. I am grateful and humbled by the abundance in my life.
  • I am a spark of God. Limitless joy, love and success flow through me.
  • I am energetic, I am happy and I am social.
  • I see / feel the Magnificent Amy as — I feel light, I AM light — internally, externally, physically and psychologically.  I can FEEL the connection to all that is around me.  I am bouncing slightly on the balls of my feet.  I have released all of my excess weight and now move easily and gracefully.  I am smiling broadly inside and quietly outside.  I am happy.  I feel both content and very alive.  I have just finished the ride of a lifetime and am so ready for the next one that is in front of me.
  • I thrive in love, abundance, and creativity.
  • I feel love. Each day feels like a gift to me and I remember that each day when I arise.
  • I have joy, joy, joy down in my heart!
  • I am a fun-loving, outgoing, witty, & adventurous person. I build connections in life with people that make me a better person. I live to be outdoors and breath in the natural world around me. My family and my friends are at the heart of all I do.
  • When I talk to someone I listen, understand, I check with others for clarity as I am aware the misunderstandings are normal. I enjoy interesting dialogues with others. And I really love to connect with other people. Relationships are important to me. I do what I say I will do, keeping my word. My communications with all people stems from love and care about people. When I talk to others I speak from my heart, honestly and caringly. I practice the use of words that allow others to have their own voice and opinions. Allowing them to open up.
  • I am a healthy balance of joyful giving, honest listening, and wild, genuine collaboration.
  • I look forward to amazing adventure. I forgive the past and look forward what life has to offer. I give care to myself, inside and out.
  • I am strong and flexible.  I am full of energy.
  • I am at the helm, feeling completely confident and at ease.  It is natural for me to give and receive love unconditionally.  I am smiling.  I am free.  I am alive.
  • I thrive on my inner joy and I share it with all that I come in contact with. The energy of my joy is soft and comfortable and effortless. My joy fills me with the confidence that I have all the wisdom, experience and knowledge, but not necessarily the answers,  to help myself or others in every part of my life.
  • I am at ease and confident, attentive to all that surrounds me, loving, deep and quiet, love my body and what it can do, loyal friend/partner/mother, awesome problem solver, vivacious, sexy, intuitive, full of joy, tenacious, a frightening she-bear when those I love are in peril, trustworthy, childlike insatiable curiosity! I dig this woman.
  • I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.
  • I show up and be my best. I live in integrity with love, compassion and joy.
  • I am a happy healthy confident person with a zest for life and a deep faith and trust in God.
  • Success flows easily and abundantly to me in all forms. I am worthy of it and I am gratefully and thankfully accepting it.

Your turn

I now invite you to give this some thought: What is the Greatest Expression of You? I encourage you to write out two or three sentences and post this on your bathroom mirror. Read it every morning as you brush your teeth and meditate on this as you wash your face, brush your hair and prepare for your adventures of the day.

Next Sunday, my post will be Meditate on being your Greatest Expression. For the next several weeks I will continue to write about using neuroplasticity hypnosis techniques to be your best self. This is Easter Sunday, it’s spring. This is your opportunity to be filled with a new vision every day of your life.

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I am filled with new vision every day of my life.

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